Our first date together
Just me and you Boone’s Farm
One kiss from your sweetened mouth
And you completely stole my heart

The night ended in blackness
And a shoe lost in the woods
That night was the beginning of a love affair
That night you had me for good

Throughout the years you had many faces
Weed, speed, whiskey, a six pack
When life was getting me down
You always had my back

In school I was the odd girl out
Never really managed to fit in
But thanks to Maui Wowee
I found people to call my kin

Then I hit my twenties
And it all began to change
Slowly I pulled further back
My friend became my vice and chain

I didn’t know how to stop
I couldn’t find the warmth again
I chased that dragon for all I was worth
But found the devil instead of my friend

One day I knew we were done
The love affair had gone cold
You took everything that mattered
Your cruelty was so bold

You took a whole lot of my life
Love, dreams, out the door
All replaced with pain and shame
But also a will to be whole once more

Today you’ve been replaced
With music, family, and friends
What you stole I can’t get back
But it sure won’t happen again


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